Cape Ann Fresh Catch

Cape Ann Fresh Catch is the largest community supported fishery in the US!

From its inception in late 2008 to its first delivery in June 2009 to the present, the Cape Ann Fresh Catch (CAFC) Community Supported Fishery (CSF) has worked together with our local fishers along with shore-side operations to deliver the freshest sustainable seafood available to our members.

Members join the program by purchasing a share for a season. Each week during a season, CAFC members pick up their shares of fresh seafood at a designated delivery site.


The Shares:
  • Whole fish (3-5 pounds)
  • 1 pound of fillets
  • 2 pounds of fillets


  • Select from 4 to 8 weeks for delivery
  • We have 6 season a year. Each season is 8 weeks.


  • You decide what location you would like to pick up. We have 20 locations and we also offer home delivery within 50 miles of Gloucester.

What to expect:

  • The freshest, tastiest fish and seafood you'll ever eat!
  • We will send you an email each day of your delivery!
  • We tell you the type of fish
  • We tell you which fishing vessel brought your fish in
  • We give you a suggested recipe 

This arrangement benefits local fishers, the environment, our local economy, and you—CAFC members. Local fishers benefit by having new, more sustainable markets for their product. The environment benefits from the significantly reduced distance travelled (and lower carbon footprint) of putting dinner on your table. By keeping all costs community-based, our local economy prospers. And you—the CAFC member—get the freshest and highest quality seafood available.

The Cape Ann Fresh Catch Community Supported Fishery program was founded by the Gloucester Fishermans' Wives Association. Without the efforts of the Cape Ann fishers and their crews, the staff and volunteers of the CAFC, and last, but most importantly, you—the CAFC CSF members, none of this could have been possible.

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